Grog Displayer 02 EPT

02 EPT


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The New Grog Marker Display Is Here!

The essential Point Of Sale tool for displaying our new AQUA PRO PAINT and XTRA FLOW PAINT LINE lines. Inner structure made by two Plexiglas modules, for displaying markers and refills, easy to set it up, thanks to the acrylic outer structure, which keeps the modules in shape, steady and ready for your sales. Display storage capacity of 248 markers and 14 refills, this tool can be matched with its Grog Displayer 01 EPT twin brother, for having the whole Grog products always available, and easily accessible. The design of our display allows the user to access the products both from the front and on the back, depending on how the modules are set up.

Dimensions: CM 42 (W) X 37 (H) X 14,5 (D).
Weight: Approximately 3 KG (Empty)

Grog Displayer 02 EPT is supplied EMPTY.

Color Chart:

D02T-EM Empty