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Cutter™ 08 BPI

The new standard in street writing

Top Grade Pump-Action Ink Marker

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Since its birth in 2005 Grog has been the undisputed star of all streets worldwide. 100% Handmade in Italy, it was born from the experience and passion of a group of Writers devoted to ink production. Thanks to the quality of its products, Grog has established itself in a few years, becoming a real icon also due to the immediately recognizable shape of its products. Grog Squeezer is Grog’s flagship product, a natural evolution of the old, handmade mop: thanks to an unprecedented flow control, it brought a new concept of flow and thick but extremely manageable drippings into tagging. Available in: Full Metal Paint (FMP), a bright and extremely coating enamel; Buff Proof Ink (BPI), a permanent, fluid and penetrating ink. Street Killer Ink (SKI), the blackest, deepest and most indelible of all inks - a dream for all taggers, a nightmare for all buffers; Ruff Stuff Paint (RSP), a super thick and compact paint, suitable for any surface, even dirty, rusty and wet ones. Xtra Flow Paint (XFP), a glossy, opaque and super smooth paint, the top choice for any felt tip marker; Aqua Pro Paint (APP), a weather resistant, permanent, super opaque and deep matt finish acrylic paint for any artistic use; Black Magic Ink (BMI), an invisible ink which reacts only under UV lights until it turns into a deep dark brown satin finish. Grog Squeezer is available in its classic versions with resistant 5/10/25mm tips and in its Mini version - a practical and extremely powerful pocket size of just 10 cm with 05/10/20mm tips. Metal Head, Pointer and Cutter round off Grog extensive catalogue, giving the most skilled and demanding writers the certainty of an always reliable ally.