What is the difference between an ink and a paint?

Ink is dye-based and translucent, NOT opaque. Ink colors must be used on clear surfaces, otherwise a dark color surface will affect the ink’s color. Ink colors bleed-through the surfaces becoming permanent and are intended for indoor use, because the UV rays affects the dyes integrity. The more the ink color is exposed to light, the more it will fade.
Paint is pigmented-based and opaque. Paint colors can be used on both clear and dark surfaces, as the surface color will be covered by the paint color. Paint colors DON’T bleed-through the surfaces and are intended for both indoor and outdoor use, due to their UV resistance (except for the Neon Colors).

Can I mix colors from different lines together?

Experimenting is the key for innovating. Keep in mind that colors can be mixed only if they have the same solvent base. You can mix different alcohol-based products (i.e. XFP with FMP colors), in order to obtain endless color shades and different viscosities, BUT you cannot mix a water-based color with a solvent-based product.

Can I mix Standard Colors and Neon Colors together?

You can do it, but you will lose the color fluorescence.

Can I mix Metallic Colors and Standard Colors together?

It’s not recommended, because the Metallic Colors are not pigment-based but they are made of metallic parts. The metallic parts cannot mix well with ground pigments.

Can I mix an ink and a paint together?

You can do it, but remember that then your mixture will bleed-through the surfaces, due to the dyes contained in the ink.

Do you have a water-based products’ line?

Yes, the APP Line is a multi-purpose water-based pigmented paint line.

What’s the difference between a Grog Squeezer® and a Cutter™?

Squeezer and Metal Head markers are made of soft and squeezable barrels, equipped with spring-controlled applicators. The main feature is a continuous flow which can be applied to any writing routine, by squeezing the barrel.
Cutter and Pointer markers are made of strong barrels, equipped with valve-action technology. The ink or the paint reaches the surface by pumping the nib up and down until is completely soaked.

Are the Grog® markers refillable?

Yes, all the Grog markers are refillable.

How can I open a Grog marker for refilling it?

Squeezer (any size/model): Lift the tip up
Cutter (any size/model): Unscrew clockwise the tip system
Metal Head: Unscrew counterclockwise the tip system
Pointer 02: Unscrew clockwise the tip system
Pointer 04: Unscrew counterclockwise the tip system

Which refill should I use for a Grog® marker?

Again, experimenting is the key for innovating. But keep in mind that NOT all the Grog refills can be used for refilling all the Grog markers. Usually it makes sense to refill a Grog marker with its native refill (i.e. Squeezer 10 FMP should be refilled with Full Metal Paint 200).

Does Grog offer empty markers and replacement tips?

Yes, we have the EPT Line, enclosing all the empty markers and the replacement tips.

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